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Finding a career that you'll love isn't really a science, it's simply a matter of looking at the world around you and noticing what interests you. If something has impacted your life noticeably, chances are there is a career in it. 

The hot factor of these careers is decided based on how much demand there is for the job, and how much you can expect to make in these fast-growing industries.  

There are more people on this planet than ever and they all are living longer. No one has managed to stem the massive phenomenon of the Internet. Gas prices are going up, and we're running out of oil. At some point soon we'll need alternative energy sources. All of these issues and trends mean that there are opportunities out there just waiting to be uncovered. So find an emerging industry, and get involved!

Financial Services
Are you good with numbers and analysis? Financial services is one industry where you can pretty much guarantee a safe, secure future. Every corporation would be lost without someone to manage their money. And now more than ever, individuals are turning to consultants for their personal finances. Careers in the financial world are red-hot right now, and will remain so in the foreseeable future. Depending on your particular strengths, there are several options in this field that might hold your interest.

Health Care
For some people, a time of transition can also be a time to realize how good it feels to help others in need. If you're one of those people, a new career in the health care industry might be exactly what you have been looking for. Don't worry, there are a lot more people needed than just doctors! This field is desperately in need of eager, compassionate people. 

You may be saying to yourself that you would love to, but you don't necessarily want to take the pay cut. While it's true that EMTs, orderlies, and personal care providers work long, hard hours for minimal pay, there are lots of other interesting career opportunities that are also paid well. 



The Transportation Services industry received the highest number of race-based discrimination charges (per capita).

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