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not_to_say When you head out to your next interview, here are some things to avoid at all costs:

  1. Lying about your skill set. If they really need a rocket scientist, you probably don't want to risk actually getting the job and looking incompetent anyway. You want a job that you are a genuinely good fit for. Lying just leads to headaches on all sides.
  2. Populating every sentence with the word “like.” Yes, it may have been a great way to be popular in middle school, but well, it, like, really annoys, like, the people who might want to, like, give you, like, money and stuff.
  3. Saying there is nothing you can improve on. Every interviewer asks this, so you may as well be prepared for it. If you honestly cannot think of anything you can improve upon, make something up, then go home and figure out how you got to be such a complete narcissist. On the other side of this, avoid the "I work too hard" response... even if it is true, it is a fast way to get eyes rolled at your expense.
  4. Getting defensive. Relax; it is just an interview. If your buttons are somehow getting pushed in the interview alone, this may not be a company you want to work for anyway. If you do end up getting defensive, go home, take a bath, and take a good look at what specifically annoyed you so you will be much more prepared to remain calm about it in the future. 
  5. Rambling or mumbling. Speak up and enunciate! Nothing irritates employers more than someone who they cannot understand. Think about it: Would you hire someone whom you had to say "WHAT?" to after everything they said? No, you wouldn't. Going along with this, don't trail off at the end of your sentences; it is just as bad. 



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