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Surviving Between Jobs
Surviving Between JobsThere are many different things to think about when you’ve just lost a job. The first step? Figuring out if you’re eligible to collect unemployment. Practically speaking, it’s important to get your head on straight about how to manage your finances, how to budget the money you do have, and how to keep yourself positive and productive. The next job is right around the corner, but until it comes, make sure you know how to keep yourself—and your family—on track.

The Ins and Outs of Unemployment

unemploymentlFirst steps in collecting unemployment insurance.

Health Insurance: Making Sure You're Covered

Health-insuranceThe facts about continuing coverage.

Managing Your Time and Energy
ManagingWhile it is important to budget financially, it is also important to use this time to manage your time and energy.
Ideas to Save Money
Save_Money40 suggestions for saving some money during this rough time.


Those suffering from depression bring the most employment discrimination cases under the Americans with Disabilities Act, resulting in a total of $4,294,811 awarded in 2006.

Wrongful Termination Laws
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Wrongful Termination Laws The Ins and Outs of Unemployment Getting Back on Track Things Not to Say in an Interview Hot Career Changes

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