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Understanding the Law
Understanding the LawIf you’ve been fired, you may be wondering if your employer was within his or her rights to terminate you. Wrongful discharge can also happen inadvertently if an employer doesn’t understand all of the laws specific to them in their state. But with so much downsizing, layoffs are inevitable, and in many instances an employer’s decision to terminate may be well within the law.

If you’re confused about how termination laws work, start here to find out if you might have a case. Please note that this does not constitute legal advice, but is simply meant to guide you to the decision that’s best for you.

Overview of Wrongful Termination Laws
FairUseIGet started learning about wrongful termination laws.
Do I Have a Case?
BusinesswomanA starting point for figuring out if you've been wrongfully terminated.
Top Ten Reasons Not to Sue

RiskyBusinessLengthy court cases can consume a lot of time and money. Is it worth it for you?

How to Protect Yourself
ContractThings that every employee should do to document their termination.


In 1999, preparation for an EEOC case cost an average of $20,000.

Wrongful Termination Laws
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